Looking yourself at the mirror what do you see? How do you behave?

Do you judge yourself? Do you think at many comparaisons you can make with other pictures and other lifes?

Do you feel happy of your picture, do you understand it? Are you gentle with yourself?

Today I have a challenge for you.

Pretend that picture in the mirror is your own child.

When you have a son to look after you are carefull to what you say because you know everything can have an effect in his future and education.

And, most of all, you love him a lot.

Well, what I am saying to do can seem a bit extreme, but if you think about it the person is more in contact with your inner universe of feelings and emotions is yourself. So why to allow someone else to say how to be, how to look like and to behave? You are not a child anymore and to not have control of your own thinking can be destructive.

I am not…

I am not looking good today because I know somewhere else there can be a model much more beautiful than me. I am not looking  good today because I have too many wrinkles and to be old makes me ugly. I am not looking good today because my scale is telling this to me, too curvy or not curvy at all. My breast is not sexy, my hips are too large, I am not so tall. I am not looking good today because I am not interesting, I don’t have anything other people listening to me like they listen the opinions on the TV. I am not looking good today because nobody’s telling me that, I don’t feel appreciated. My Facebook page does not have enough likes or comments.

Who are you giving power to?

It’s like being in the middle of a storm. You have your precious ship and you think the best think you can do it’s leaving that in the hands of someone else who is not good leading that. Then day after day you will see your ship falling to pieces and you will think it was not a good one. But you will fail identifing the problem and you won’t run to push that idiot leading the ship away to take control yourself.

I am beautiful.

It does not mean I am conventionally beautiful. If it’s you deciding the rules you can be beautiful in all the way that you want. You can go wherever and be whatever. You can see the advertisements along the streets and smile because most of the times they will seem ridiculous to you, they won’t be respecting your rules. You can be finally gentle with yourself, being what your parents cannot be at this stage of your life. You can see that picture and understanding how much power you have. Once you are your ruler you can move the mountains.


It’s important you understand who is you and who is not. You must aknowledge the different between yourself and that smart idiot who wants to lead your ship. It takes time and exercise, and it takes the courage to overcome the fear to breaks the borders you always believed in. And, just you to know, others won’t be happy and their idiots will try to put you back to the start point. Don’t rush, be brave and enjoy to be authentic. Listen to your inner voice more and more, it won’t be wrong. Listen to the others but in the end make your decisions. Shop the things you like, do the job you want, don’t be afraid to follow yourself. Meditate, walk in the park, smile to the people and feel happy.

In the end you will come back to the mirror and you will see that captain you deserve to be.


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