What for?

This post is dedicated to who is a daydreamer and to who gave up dreaming in particular.

I am going to say something that can disturb some of you or that can be easily misunderstood: dreaming is a very basic form of magic. I would say it’s very accessible and it doesn’t need any kind of preparation or ritual: it’s just you, a pinch of enthusiasm and the head in the clouds.

The problem is sometimes we are not aware of how to use it properly, and some of us also stop dreaming for reasons linked to fear or frustration. And, as a result, dreams don’t come true.

So here it is a small guide to how to dream “efficiently”, I hope you enjoy.

Be sure of what you dream is what you really need.

You can dream everything without any limit but… Stop and think if that purpose would bring you more happiness! Will it increase your joy and the possibility to express yourself?

This is the key point many of us don’t pay attention to: waisting resources dreaming and wishing something you don’t need will lead you where you don’t need to go. So how we can understand what’s useful and what is not? Simply imagining ourself in the situation where the dream come true. Visual imagination is important as much as the emotional one: it’s like watching a movie where you are the main character and your imagination is the film director. Observe what are the feelings related to that movie and in the end observe how do you react. Feeling a tingly sensation around the belly button or a sense of very close belonging to that dream is usually a good signal.

Especially when we are children we are more vulnerable to fulfil parent’s or someone else expectations rather than focusing on our realistic skills and inclinations. And growing up we think that common society standards can be also ours own. But all this thinkings don’t give us any authentic emotion, may lead to a sense of emptiness and frustration if they don’t match with our true dreams.

What to do with a dream.

After realising what our dreams are about we need to act. This is often a problem for many people because of many emotional implications. One in a million: we can be afraid to exit our comfort zone to go somewhere we don’t know anything about. And eventually we can be afraid to change ourself and to not recognise anymore our own reflex in the mirror, the way we can act with other people. Maybe they would not accept us anymore.

Ok, this is normal. But I am sure nobody wants to die realising to be incomplete, undone, to have still something to do. So, if we want to be afraid of something, this one should be our concern. Hiding ourself the truth won’t save us in front of the death because she is not that stupid to believe in excuses.

So now that we are productively afraid we can think about what to do. Here are my suggestions:

– Take a piece of paper and a pen. Write down all the things you want to do. Be very specific and don’t say things with the negative form. Also write down exactly when you want things to happen.

For example: I want to loose/gain 5 kg (around 11 pounds) of my body fats/ muscles in 6 months from 31st of February of 2099.

It’s not adviced to say: “I want to gain weight” or “I don’t want to gain weight anymore”

– Repeat what’s written there every morning after waking up or every night before bed (doing it in both moments would be ideal). Do not repeat it mentally but actually speaking, it may help to see yourself in the mirror. It’s like you are an actor tying your own part on the script.

– Go and do anything can bring you closer to your dream (for that example: eating an healthy and balanced diet, doing physical exercise, seeing a specialist if applicable…) Gradually or suddenly, respecting your own times but without delaying too much.

And also don’t give up. Don’t stop in front of frustration and sorrow. Be the n 1 fan of your dream! Constance is one of the main key to succeed.

Sending you love.

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