Losing control

Processed with VSCO with m3 presetWhy to me…

I am talking about those moments when it’s definetly enough! No matter the reason why, you can’t just stand it anymore, and… it happens. It explodes out, no way to keep it in control.

Sometimes you are not even on your own, so you try to save the appearances and to seem “normal” when you have a tsunami knocking the door of your eyes. And after the explosions of feelings (fear, anger, sadness, frustration… sometimes even all togheter) you feel a crap.

Just one simple question is in your mind: why to me?

Who am I?

People mostly are not used to deal with emotional crisis and some of them don’t have a clear idea of what they are and their meaning. Society wants us to be and appear conventionally polite, smart, chatty and happy. No blues are admitted.

So, for example, when someone suffers from a panic attack what can be the quick and easy judgment on it? And how much it influences the self perception of who lives it on his/her own skin?

If you are feeling extremely vulnerable and on the top of that you start thinking there is something wrong with you, that other people may think or may say this and that … you are just going more and more under.

Let’s talk about it!

Having an emotional crisis means you are not more in control. You are like a track of a train left behind, with no direction and no purpose anymore but the existential loneliness leading yourself to despair. An emotional crisis is like being in a room you don’t know when someone, suddenly, turns the light off. Nothing can be seen, the exit seems miles away from you.

It means to lose any grip on yourself, like you are falling down into a black hole, and the more you go down the more it’s hard to come up again to the light.

This is the dark side no one seems to be used to deal with or to talk about.

Generally what leads to an emotional crisis is any kind of “too much”. There is no a standard “how much” of emotional pressure people can deal with because everyone is different and different are the daily circumstances we are involved in. And thinking to be “weak” is sadly a very widespread mentality within who lives the crisis: why some people seem much stronger or with a much easier life? Am I too fragile? Am I an alien between them?

No need to be afraid

Take a deep breath and… stop thinking to be “wrong”,even if they say you are.

Accept the fact an emotional crisis is not a sign of weakness but a significant event related to how you are leading your life. The main reason why you “explode” is because too many things are inside when they need to be let go instead. They can be, for example, judgments of other people or yourself on your way to behave, work, live… rubbish. They can be unresolved feeling or things you did not give voice to on the right time.

Calm down, take your time. Understand what is making your life “heavy” and be very honest with yourself. Seek for help if necessary and be comprehensive towards yourself. Just try to listen and let your “inner self” speak without interruption. No judgmental attitude is the key to get to know the solutions that are right for you.

Don’t stop being n 1 fan of yourself even in front of these emotional difficulties, they don’t undervalue your unicity. Just stop and stare whenever you need and please, please, don’t build judgments up on what you are or what you can do.

You don’t have nothing less of a mountain and this has not been created by peaceful events of  the nature. And in the end it can be also very beautiful and inspiring: in the same world there are not two same mountains with two same landscapes.

Why not trying to climb that mountain?

With love.

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