Let’s play a game

78AABF99-5049-4309-B40A-2CEED2658EE8 What if…

What if we welcome the spring in a “different” way: let’s pretend to be children again.

It can sound wired but… in a sunny day, full of glowing flowers and singing birds, I thought sometimes we miss something of the beauty that sorrounds us. Maybe we take it for granted or we rush on our daily routine and business. We too often lose the ability of feeling wonder in front of the simple things.

So here is the game: not just pretending to be children again but uncovering what we can call “inner child”, the part of us which remembers how to enjoy beauty.

Open your eyes and feel the world!

I remember I was walking in a park with a friend of mine and we were crossing to a children area. There was a small wood house and I asked that friend what he could see in it; the answer was quite granted: “It’s just what it is”. I replied that if I were a child I could have seen many things, shaping that wood in a pirate ship, a castle, the place of an hidden treasure… and why not imagining enemies and obstacles all around, amazing adventures going on, someone to be saved…

I realise now, finally welcoming the spring, that we do the same things as adults: we create our ideas and our own world, we build castles on them, we look for allies and enemies to avoid. The difference is when we grow up we forget about that kind of magic of playing with the life. We become to be sad and victimist, feeling we are just overwhelmed by the circumstances. We forget to open the eyes and feel, instead we believe to see everyday the same things, same routine.

How a child does

The big lie is to be disconnected by our inner child. Fears, worries, rush, blues, everything tells us that and we generally believe them.

Being an adult is often complicated but in the end is a matter of choice. What do you want to believe in?

A child is very self confident in his/her game, he/she believes in it. We were all in that stage of life when we believed to be creators, pretending just to make practice of our powers. Gaining experience of the world doesn’t mean we need to be disconnected from them.

Considering life as a game is not widely accepted but it’s very powerful if we think about it: it allow us to reduce the stress related to our seriousness and it makes us mentally free to do all we want.

So let’s play this game togheter. Imagine you can decide what to be: when you are emotionally sure of it start playing as you are that versione of yourself already. Keep playing more and more, with your times, stay focused and self confident. Melt all the ice on your heart and start again to believe in life, people, magic, whatever you were suspicious of.

Have fun, this is your spring.

With love.

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