The real strength

Processed with VSCO with b5 presetWhenever you feel weak…

… remember it doesn’t say anything about you except your humanity.

Most of the times we haven’t been told how to consider defeats and bad moments. Some of us also stress out comparing personal situations to an ideal of perfection or happiness, believing others may be luckier, reacher, stronger than them.

We rarely think about the importance of being focused on our original way to be and live, on our own resources and potentialities.

So whenever you will feel weak again, please, come back to your steps…

Life is a path

All human beings have definitely one thing in common, keeping walking. Maybe feet and streets will be different, weather conditions may change and some people are going to fall more than others, but the deep sense of what we are doing is same.

We often believe the aim of our life is a specific purpouse, that we start from A to end with Z. The quicker and easier we reach Z the more beautiful and meaningful our life will be.

But what if this is not the case…

What if we start to enjoy and embrace B,C,D,E…

B, the time I realise I am making my first progresses; C, when I learn something changingn my entire perspective. L, this time I feel lost, in the middle of the sea, bad times are giving me troubles. M, I could not believe I survived; N, now I see something I was not understanding before…

Most of the time our progress doesn’t end with Z. There will be 1,2,3,4… other streets and paths to explore and we will always be new and then experienced again and again to them.

Nothing else matters more than your path

Either you are feeling strong or weak stop comparing yourself and seeking acceptance from other people.

Your life will be your mirror and your friend, or your enemy. Others will come in your life just because they are going to be important for your progress, not for any kind of comparisons.

The more you understand your path is the priority, the more you embrace it, no matter where it will lead, the more you gain strength.

To be strong is not a matter to be invincible or to not been hit by anything. This is just the myth.

To be strong is to be elastic and faithful, to embrace our life with ups and downs, to enjoy the trip.

With love.

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