The head in the clouds


A special connection with the height…

Waking up in the morning, having breakfast, going to work, chasing people, break, coming back home… everything may have been done very smoothly to someone’s else eyes. And what happens inside is not easy to handle indeed: feeling you want to wander somewhere far with your mind each step of your daily routine.

Your mood and thoughts are like the changing weather: clear, pure, warm or stormy, violent, windy, and often all in the same day or in few hours.

You really struggle inside to follow rules and conventions you cannot understand, you may dress up and behave in a very personal way.

Once in your life someone said you are strange, or you felt that was his thought.

I believe as human beings we have resemblance with nature and we can manifest a special inclination toward one of the natural elements. Today I am talking about air.

Walking on air

We may have been born “airy”, free and eclectic, brave and un-conventional, deep thinkers, wise, creative, rule makers. This is an amazing quality of our being, even though often misunderstood.

We may like changing style or career, often we bring changes in the lives of who surrounds us.

We like people able to ground us without stealing our freedom, eventually following our crazy moments. We like laughing and talking a lot, jumping from a topic to another with unexpected connections and sometimes leaving who is listening to us confused.

We are day dreamers, able to see paths and solutions unknown to anybody else.

We often feel surrounding situations are to “heavy” to handle and we end to be victims of a sense of unsafety and overwhelming. Moreover lots of people cannot manage with us and don’t like and understand our way to think and behave.

To live with this skin is sometimes not easy at all, and there is definetly something we can do to enjoy more of ourself…


The tip number one for “airy” people is meditation: that’s the best medicine to ground our being and to give us pause and relief. Bringing awareness to the breathing is also a very easy way to calm ourself down when it’s too much.

The second tip is to stop taking the blame to be so different and “wired” to the others’ eyes and to give value to our way to be. Actually air is a great mean of communication and helps bringing just the right weather condition for all the livings. Setting our mood on a and self acceptance mode will bring positivity to ourself and people around us very quickly.

Last, but not least, tip: to be selective in every life’s field. Once you understand that person is not getting your point don’t loose time explaining yourself over and over. If someone or something is constantly negative for you simply walk away and never ever come back. We find difficult to put borders and to write full stops but we definetly need to learn and practice. Be always wise about who will contribute to influence your weather conditions.

With love.

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