Babe what are you afraid of?

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I am afraid of those yellow eyes in the background, looking at me, hoping I will defeat.

I am afraid to be misunderstood and to be left alone in a cold corner of my life without my voice to speak.

I am afraid people will judge me and shake their heads seeing who I am.

I am afraid of walking a lot without reaching any target.

I am afraid to dance on my own forever.

I am afraid I will spend my life not shining enough, wasting my youth and my voice.

I am afraid to absorb external negativity as I have never seen so much darkness in people.

I am afraid there won’t be a place to find peace in this world.

And so on.

And now I am brave…

Everytime I keep walking in the forest in the middle of the yellow eyes.

Everytime I give up any nonsense discussion, giving my voice only to who deserves it.

Everytime I am who I am, without imposing my presence to people who judge easily and blindly.

Everytime I tell myself to forget about the target and to enjoy the journey.

Everytime I dance on my own because anyway I can still dance.

Everytime I let my light go, telling myself to not plan any when or how.

Everytime I decide that dark shadow is not me.

Everytime I build peace in myself because I am the place.

With love.


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