Indignation & Co.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetReflecting on how people can change my feelings I found out few things can let me down as indignation: hearing them pouring complaints all around me, like the rain rains during a summer storm… and I was without the umbrella 🙄.

Sometimes complaining can be useful in terms of finding where the problem is, to discuss about it in a constructive way in order to find a solution.

My problem was to embrace the attitude of people complaining without any other purpouse but pure indignation. People who don’t put any constructive effort in changing what they are complaining about, or who complains about others on some attitudes without realising they do exactly the same.

It took time to understand how to manage similar circumstances without finding myself drained off of my energy and in a very bad mood.

So here are my tips…

n1: Stay centered. Don’t let your emotions and thoughts being manipulated.

Just don’t get too much involved in complaints and put a reasonable distance between you and them.

n2: In case someone asks for your opinion about a source of indignation, break that complaints’ chain!

Resist to the temptation of complaining with them until the sun goes down and try to bring positivity. You can express an idea or simply say few magic words: “I am no one to judge”.

n3: Do something to stay positive!

Get out of that grey cloud as fast as you can, free yourself! Run, dance, sing, get togheter with friends, make a phone call, have fun… Make sure you fully recharge your batteries.

Do you have any other tip?             Do you want to share your experience?                                         If so leave a comment below and don’t forget to put the star if you enjoyed the post⭐️.

Sending you love.

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