Dance wildly

Processed with VSCO with m3 presetPerhaps it’s tango or hip hop, ballet or belly dance… it doesn’t matter. As we are all different, everyone will prefer a particular style, or, why not, a fusion of more disciplines.

Dance is efficient anti-depressant remedies, free of costs, unless we take classes, and versatile mean of expression.

People dance to manage the symptoms of Parkinson disease and some other impairments. Witches were dancing around a fire to be initiated and for special occasions. Animals dance to appear more attractive going courting.

Ask a dancer and he would probably say to you the whole universe is performing a dance. That dancing becomes a way to live and not just a mere hobby.

So my question for you is: how are you dancing?

Are you rushing from step 1 to step 2? Are you listening to the music? Are you pausing enough? Are you giving strength and meaning to your movements?

Sometime we just make few insecure steps from side to side just to say we are moving… just to pretend we have a sort of vitality inside us.

Instead we should dance wildly! Moving just not for pretending but because we want to celebrate a party on our lives. Considering that music as it is, short and vibrant, and being just in there until it lasts. Embracing every unexpected change in the rhythm and keeping in mind that at some point the music will stop.


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