The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters (and you can see them in ten minutes a day)


What is happening in my city, London, leaves me speechless.

Maybe it’s because it’s very close to me and all the places and people I see everyday.

Maybe because it’s just terrific.

It’s not my purpouse to add indignation to indignation, fear to fear. I just feel I need to say something.

To all the people, all over the world, who think “They are the enemies and we should kill them all”, “They are different and dangerous”, “Their culture, or way to live, is wrong”…

We had enough.

We had enough of your attitude of who knows it all when you don’t know nothing at all.

We are sick and tired of your prejudices against whoever is not doing like you are doing, or thinking as you are thinking, or even looking as you are looking.

We had enough of that miserable way you have to describe yourself as superior, when your words are just ash in the wind.

We had enough of your fear and of your complaining, of your feeling safe in that puddle which is your vision of the world, of your talking about things someone else put in your mind like you are the latest expert.

You are dangerous.

Other people can have the insane idea to emulate you and lead this world to a catastrophe.

You can be the next terrorist we really don’t need.

You should have pledged yourself to bring a piece of paradise in this world, and I know it can be difficult sometimes, but you are bringing the hell.

I really think your only purpouse in life is to escape, as far as possible and as fast as possible, from your fear.

And you hide it from other people and yourself, you blame others to be different and dangerous when instead you are the one to be afraid of.

Your irrational race away from yourself is the one generating the monsters of violence, intolerance, racism, terrorism, prejudice…

No one else is responsible of the horrible things you see, talk and eventually do outside in the world but the horrible stuff you have inside yourself.

I am sure you won’t think all of this of yourself. How can you imagine it? No one told you to stop and look inside instead of rushing on blaming outside.

You just know you are right, you cuddle yourself with excuses instead of growing up.

Now I have a challenge for you.

Stop in a moment of your day when you are not busy and nothing can interrupt you; you can lay down or sit up, whatever position you find more comfortable. Put a soft music on or a guided meditation if you like, and set the intention to look inside yourself, even for ten minutes only, for a week. Close your eyes and relax.

Just let go all your thoughts and have a look inside without being judgmental. You can rationally think about everything you feel, or see, in those ten minutes afterwards.

You win the challenge if you manage to do it exactly as I told you and you honestly see inside all that yours good value and knowledge.

If you don’t manage to stay even one day for ten minutes contemplating what is inside; if you cannot let go, you feel uncomfortable or you feel you want to escape from something; if you see the unexpected; if you give up the challenge before the time,then you lose.

This is the only way you can verify if you are really right. It’s free of risks, anyone of any belief can do it and it takes just ten minutes in your day.

This is the occasion to have the proof you need and to let me put all the things I said on you before straight in the bin.

Whoever you are, let’s see if you are brave enough.

Sending you love.




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