Take a break



Here and now, while you scroll hundreds of pages chasing something meaningful or interesting, perhaps a distraction…

Take a break, my friend.

I was like you: too much afraid to stop and to do nothing, thinking the more I was doing the better I was.

It’s not your fault. We are literally surrounded by distractions: emails, videos, social media, opinions, debates, scandals, news, expectations.

Yes, your expectations are distractions that prevent your mind from resting.

No one told you that before bringing your energy out in the world you would need to stop and breathe in. That’s because the pause has always been described as an “inconvenient”, stealing time to work and productivity.

But can you imagine a cheetah running super fast for long consecutive hours and thinking about the next meal while eating the current prey?

Or even putting thumbs up to cheetas running faster than him…

Basically every being on the planet aknowledges the importance of pause and balanced, focused effort but us.

So I think it’ s time for a change. I invite you to take off your clothes of employer, employee, brother, daughter, follower… and take your time to be nothing. Nothing at all.

No self judgments, no interactions, no expectations, just nothing. Even five minutes everyday don’t be someone else.

Just be yourself and relax!

Sending you love.





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