Dust of stars


Here we are, here we are my darling,

lost under the cloth of the night.

The sea is whispering to our ears, ancient stories of ancient men in ancient times.

All I can feel is my own heartbeat, the pauses of my breath, your scent, your eyes on me.

We are here in a wonderful comma of the universe trying our best to be alive,

to take that slippery moment,

our “carpe diem”, our small philosophy.

My thoughts escape from my control, they rush far away to another island, to another sea.

But Wow! Where else I can find myself,

and you, my darling, next to me?

Where else I can live and breath, and hope,

where else I can sing a lullaby to my worried heart,

and let everything be as our souls already decided.

Where else I can dance and laugh, my darling,

if not here and now.

You joke about me, and I know how much serious you are,

how much you would like to get close.

I know it before you can even wonder if I know.

It’s clear, it needs to happen.

Like the dust of stars, we are in the fated collision that creates worlds and galaxies.

Right here, right now, we collide with each other, we dissolve the space in between us.

I am not me and you are not you: we are love, losses and blessings, we are completely new.

Let the feelings explode,

the stories to be told,

while the cloth of the night surrounds us, my darling.

Let me be new now with you.

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