Uninvited, undesired,

You came to me.

Right in the moment I was feeling strong and invincible,


I thought I said goodbye to You long time ago.

But… I have lost my words,

I have lost my weapons,

my armour,

my clear vision of the things.

Who I am now without all the things that made me strong?

Am I a beggar,

down on my knees,

looking for treasures in the mud?

Am I a joke,

a precious lesson for everybody,

“Do not repeat her mistakes!”?

I am here, completely naked,

a worm,



come on! Hit me,

trample on me!

I won’t run away from you, I won’t escape from your gaze.

Desperatly, restlessly,

I will cling to my life,

to the simple fact I breathe,

I exist,

as I don’t have nothing else,

no masks or comforts left behind.


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