My experience with the Life Alignment and wonderful women

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Last Friday I felt at the edge of a depressive phase; it could have been also the absurd London weather (cloudy and cold at the gates of August, alas!), everything made me believe that night I would have gone to bed with the usual indigestible brick on my stomach … Until I got to live an interesting experience.

The day before, through “Meetup”, a popular application for meetings and events, I took part in a so-called Circle of Women, a meeting of women where participants discuss only “pink” themes and offer mutual support. It is a sacred and protected space in which women can heal and grow, immersed in the symbolism of the circle that recalls the rhythms and cycles of Nature, the Cosmos and life.

In short, that Friday I went to look for a “first aid” to my anguish, placing my confidence in the healing power that women naturally possess and exercise strongly when gathered in a group. So I found myself in a very nice and well-kept apartment, Tania‘s home, who warmly welcomed me, offering chocolate cake and strawberries (I just felt better …). I took a seat among the other three women: I suddenly realized that I was the baby of the group by age, but I did not care at all, and indeed I was lucky enough to count on those who had more experience than me.

I sat down, I said, and we began to talk about the most and the least, including the presentations. Oddly for me (I always forget names) I remember them all: Kasia, Kim, Catherine; All three, I came to find out later, Life Alignment practitioners. I had never heard of this practice but I wanted to know more … in simple words, it consists of a set of techniques of energy healing and transformation that focuses on the human being and also on what surrounds him. From now on I would have seen the application.

We started with Tania’s choice of four cards that would represent the group and the issues faced, and one of the four coming out was Isis. One of the women in the group claimed that she was related to love, and I unconsciously had a little jerk.

There followed a group meditation, led by Tania herself, in order to meet our personal Circle of Women on the banks of a lake, symbol of purification.

While meditating on me, disobedient as I was, without being told, I figured myself to jump, all dressed, in the lake and drown in … this could say long on how much purification I needed.

20150619_203722 (2)

The most interesting time of the evening came immediately afterwards: Kasia was accommodated by Tania on a massage table so she could be subjected to an energy healing able of piloting the group. Tania invited her to relax and to close her eyes, holding her right forearm on with her wrist folded 90 degrees. She also began to ask her questions, pushing her wrist slightly forward. The process would help to get the answers, affirmative if the wrist offered resistance, negative if it dropped forward.

The session investigated an episode that had happened to Kasia before going to the meeting that evening: a woman on the train had responded in a very rough way to her request to free her seat near her from the bag, snorting as if she had suffered a huge nuisance. From there, keeping asking targeted questions, Tania helped her dig into the memories and forgotten feelings of many years before, then relaunching on the theme mother- daughter. We, beyond the table, were listening and meditating collectively.

After Kasia left the massage table, with a much more relaxed and joyful face, we commented on what we had heard and seen in the session and in our personal meditations.

At that point I was lucky enough to be invited by Tania on the massage table … and what can I say?

I saw what caused that bark of anxiety and sadness that did not make me sleep well, and more, for several days; I realized that the problem, the energy block, was actually linked to a feeling of anger, linked to a big fear of loneliness and abandonment. The same thing that pushed me out into the world to “fight without having a treasure to defend”. My problem was that I thought I had lost the treasure.

Tania, with her sweet voice, invited me to consider that I could not be alone and that the love I was looking for had to come from inside … to the external ear it would seem strange, but for me this made “square a circle” .

I left the table lighter and relaxed, and after a short consultation of the cards I had to leave the meeting. The time was late and the next morning I would have to start working very early.

I can conclude by saying that this experience has left me with a lot more self-awareness, inviting me to shift my focus on the most important thing: the relationship with myself. I think many, like me, have often overlooked and underestimated it, preferring  other relationships and needs. The concept is simple: you cannot give what you do not have, and if you do not first cultivate love in yourself you will never be able to communicate love to the rest of the world in no way.


I thank those women for all love and knowledge I received.

Will I come back to receive, or why not, to practice Life Alignment? I really think so.

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