Why mindfulness


Mindfulness means to be aware of what happens inside us and the reasons why. The method of mindfulness is meditation, the practice of looking and listening to what comes from inside us without judgments. It is the art of openness, which leads to increased love towards others and ourselves.

Mindfulness is one of the most empowering practices I experienced in my life.

Nobody teaches you how to be mindful, and most of the time your beliefs are simply copied from someone else’s thoughts. You can accept to not be unique, to let that someone else guide you, but for how long?

My experience with mindfulness began when I understood there was something wrong. Not absolutely wrong, but wrong for me… and it was enough to change direction.

I started trying different things, mainly to relax my restless mind. I approached ASMR, a relaxation technique based on ticklish sounds and visual stimuli; I was watching YouTube videos of many ASMR artists on, as Gentle whispering or Hermetic Kitten, and I noticed they were mentioning meditation and mindfulness time to time.

I became curious about it and I tried…

My noisy mind was quite surprised I was doing something to silence myself, so it started shouting louder, making me quite frustrated. The more I was going towards my purpose, the more I felt something was bringing me even further back.

Until I got to the point to understand my mistake: I thought I needed to be perfect and perfectly silent to be mindful, when instead fighting against myself to achieve that goal was the only fight I was going to lose for sure.

Therefore, I simply decided to enjoy the journey in all its colours, from the deepest black to the shiniest white.

Mindfulness teaches what you know already.

I have always been a good girl, and the good girls study diligently.

For the most part of my life I was listening someone else, at school, teaching me things of another somebody else, probably in part borrowed from other people of his time…

I thought they could say to me where to go and what to do, and I developed a sort of affection to this or that author.

With the eyes of today, I see my younger self looking for a light in the books, when the light was somewhere else.

Those pages and teachers gave me useful tips and methods, but they could never ever give me my truth.

I am full already, I am wise already, and I know already what to do. When I meditate, I do not hear a single extra word that is not mine. “Good” or “bad”, I embrace it and I give it the meaning it deserves.


It opens thousands of healing possibilities

I consider Mindfulness as a medicine for the majority of the people I meet and complain.

From the birth to the death, we are going to be the main companion of ourselves, and the majority of us do not realise how is important to build a good relationship with our inside.

I think it is because it’s much easier to give up and blame the outside whenever a problem comes.

Mindfulness is not achieved without commitment and it’s not a magic formula to resolve all our misery. It just makes us more and more awake, opening paths and possibilities previously invisible.

When you are mindful, you could do or say “strange” things, decide to begin or give up projects and relationships, embrace adventures… In all the cases, your self- conception won’t be the same anymore.

You won’t be “the same” anymore.